About Konica Minolta

Giving Shape to Ideas

Customer Satisfaction
and Product Safety

Basic Concept

Aspiring to maximize customer satisfaction and trust

Konica Minolta aspires to maximize customer satisfaction and trust by providing products and services of superior value. The Group has articulated its basic approach to accomplishing this in the Konica Minolta Quality Policy, which governs Group companies worldwide. An issue of particular importance is ensuring safe, reliable products and services. Accordingly, Konica Minolta has established a unified quality assurance system across the Group, and addresses quality assurance in terms of the entire product lifecycle. Konica Minolta is determined to help create a better world by solving customers’ challenges, and to do this it seeks to build deeper relationships with customers so that it can discover and satisfy both latent needs and apparent requests.

  • Improving the Quality Assurance System
    • Investigating Quality Problems via Regular Meetings
    • Addressing Market Quality Issues
    • Serious Product-related Accidents over the Past Four Years
    • Enhancing Product Safety Standards
  • Taking Steps to Improve Quality
    • Sharing Information on Quality Problems and Cross-Deploying Countermeasures within the Group
    • Initiative for the Development of Quiet Products
    • Verifying Whether Printers are Compatible with a Variety of Paper Types
  • New Initiatives for the IoT Era
    • Enhancing Secure Product Development and Operation
    • Creating a Quality Assurance System in Service Business Areas in the IoT Era
  • Working to Improve Customer Relationship Management
    • Heeding the Voice of the Customer
    • Global Deployment of NPS Surveys to Measure Customer Relationship Management in the Business Technologies Business System of Issue Resolution Beginning with an NPS Survey
    • Conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Developing Quality Improvement Activities from the Customer's Perspective
    • Promoting Service Development Using Design Thinking
    • System Built to Provide Globally Uniform Support
    • CR Masters Program: A Program for Developing Personnel With Strong Customer Relations Skills
    • Implementation of Training, Including for External Partners, to Raise Support Quality in the Business Technologies Business
    • Promoting the Adoption of Remote Maintenance in the Healthcare Business
  • Universal Design
    • Concept for the use of universal design
    • Example 1: Initiatives for the MFP bizhub Series
    • Example 2: CUD Certification Obtained for Color-measuring Instruments

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